Westbrook Confrontation with Jazz Fan

Monday night, Russell Westbrook got into a confrontation with a Utah fan. He threated the fan by saying, “I’ll f—k you up, you and your wife.” According to Westbrook, the man told him to “get down on your knees like you’re used to.” Westbrook deemed comments are to be “racial” and “inappropriate”.  The Utah fan denied claims he said anything disrespectful to Westbrook.

Due to the disrespect, Westbrook made the comments at the game. He later stated he has never hit a woman and never will. He just reacted because he is tired of the disrespect, he receives from the Utah fans when they play.

Shane Keisel reaction to Westbrooks comments

Westbrook and players in the NBA league are pointing out how there is no protection for them. When the players are out on the court the fans are close to them. No protection is provided for the players. Westbrook stated he receives a lot of racial comments when playing in Utah.

After the game, old tweets were discovered. Shane Kiesel’s attitude was different in his tweets compared to the video shown…

As you can see, Keisel was not a fan of Westbrook. Since the incident there has been discussion on the safety of the players. Many of the fans are good however there are some people who come to the games and offend the players. However, Westbrook confrontation with fan caused for Shane Keisel to be permanently banned from all Vivint Smart Home Arena events. Westbrook was fined $25,000.

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