“Wealthy and Privileged” Cheating for College Admissions

Yesterday a bombshell was dropped in the news, wealthy and privileged families are paying to have their kids guarantee college admissions. This bribery scandal included parents of applicants, ACT and SAT administrators, coaches of universities and test proctor. Colleges did not participate with the scheme. The deception involved coaches, parents and testing agencies.

Non-profit Scheme

College Admissions Scheme

The person at the center of the scheme is William Singer, founder of Edge College and Career Network and Key Worldwide Foundation. This is a college preparatory company. They allowed for students to cheat on their standardized test. Bribed coaches used fake athletic credentials for school admissions. Schools involved are Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA, University of California and University of Texas at Austin.

Pay to Play

“The Key” a non-profit organization, used as a front for parents to funnel money without the tax obligations. Therefore, Singer received $25 million from parents. Money received paid coaches to recruit students as athletes. It paid for college test prep organizations to help students cheat. In fact, he paid to have stand-ins take the test or arrange for proctors to correct answers.

Students photos photoshop for acceptance

In some cases, coaches were working with Singer to have parents alter students’ athletic profiles by adding their kids faces photoshopped on bodies of athletes. Therefore, coaches use documentation to the college to get students accepted.

Moreover, Singer did this from 2011 to February 2019. They charged 33 parents, consequently. Families involved are of the “wealthy and privilege”.

This is disturbing! Hard working kids were pushed out of the way for the “wealthy and privileged”students.

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