Two Mass Shootings Less Than 24 Hours From Each Other

This past weekend, there were two mass shootings over a period of 24 hours. 

El Paso’s Shooting

The first shooting took place in El Paso, Texas, a city on the U.S- Mexico border. The shooting took place at a shopping center’s Walmart which resulted in 22 people being killed and 26 others being injured. Making it one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S history.

Alvaro Mena lost his 78-year-old father on Monday, due to the shooting. He says that him and his family are now scared for their lives. “We are afraid to go out. We are afraid to go out into the streets because we feel like we are being hunted because of skin color.”

People grieve the loss of family and friends after the massacre in El Paso

The suspect himself was charged on Sunday with Capital murder and is being held with no bond. Allegedly, before he brought out his gunfire, he surveyed the store looking for Mexicans to shoot. 

Authorities are also considering charging the shooter with hate crimes, and firearm charges that may lead to the death penalty. 

Dayton’s Shooting

Another shooting took place less than 24 hours later, in Dayton, Ohio. It’s unknown if the gunman was inspired to open fire on the downtown Dayton crowd by the massacre in El Paso a little more than 12 hours before. 

The gunman opened fire on early Sunday morning, and fired over 41 shots in less than 30 seconds. He was killed by police officers on patrol right after he opened fire. 

Mourners gather following the mass shooting

9 people were killed that morning, including the gunman’s sister. Authorities say that the gunman had a great interest in violence, specifically in American mass killings. Authorities searching his home say they found writings that expressed his desire to kill people. Authough, authorities rule out any racial or political motives. 

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