Travis Scott’s Cereal Collaboration with Reese’s Puffs Sells Out

Well, that happened fast. Houston-born rapper, Travis Scott collaborated with Reese’s Puffs, which included cereal boxes designed by the rapper himself. Once he released the cereals, they sold out in 30 seconds

The Boxes

The rapper designed the limited-edition boxes, that each cost $50. Such as, one design that includes Travis’ action figure holding a spoon branded with his Cactus Jack record label. Along with the boxes, Travis designed matching “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk” cereal bowl and “Enjoy Today” spoon. Consequently, consumers rushed to buy all the items.

The Release

Travis released the crossover on Tuesday June 25. As expected, it sold out almost immediately according to Reese’s Puffs’ twitter page. Previously, the rapper announced the collaboration Friday June 21, in an Instagram post that has racked up almost 2 million likes. Shown in the photo, he posed with the cereal boxes he designed in front of his matching brown Range Rover. He captioned the picture “Sweet Sweet”

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Sweet Sweet

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Travis’ announcement of his collaboration with Reece’s

…And They’re Gone!

After disappearing nearly 30 seconds after their release, the sold out boxes are naturally making their way to Ebay. People are selling the boxes, bowls, and their matching spoons for at least $200 a pop. If you’re like most people, and didn’t get the chance to cop a bowl, you’re in luck. As a result of the first round going so well, Reese’s Puffs’ twitter page says there’s more to come.

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