Rapper Kanye West Housing Community Project Could be Canceled

Kanye West has been making prototypes of his new age housing community. The purpose of the housing is to smear the line between low, middle, higher levels of income. He also wants to alter the concept of space and make the use more efficient. 

TMZ broke the story that the Chicago-born rapper was building four dome-shaped construction projects. In this case, they were built on Kanye’s 300 acre property. The rapper’s full plan is to build an entire housing community. In spite of the fact that Kanye has built already, the buildings may not align with L.A building codes.

As reported by TMZ, Kanye did not obtain building permits. An inspector checked out the communities and learned that the structures weren’t temporary. After 2 visits by the inspector, they decided that the rapper now has 2 weeks to get some building permits before their buildings have to go down.

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