Racial Profiling Ordnance Rejected

Des Moines City Council was in for a rude awakening. On Monday night city council proposed an ordnance. The ban is against racial profiling and discrimination by city employees. It was rejected for not having enough focus on profiling by police officers in Des Moines.

NAACP Doesn’t Approve


“It really just ignored the conversation that we’ve had in the past”, President of the Iowa-Nebraska NAACP Betty Andrews said about the ordinance. “We were really shocked because it didn’t contain much of the recommendations that the NAACP had.” These are some of the reason for her rejection of the ordnance.

No Community Support

Since numerous of high-profile incidents involving police; residents and groups such as the NAACP and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement have urged Des Moines leaders to make anti-racial profiling rules. Several people that attended the meeting said they were disappointed at the city’s failure to mention the police department in the ordnance.

Past Profiling


In July last year, Montray Little and Jared Clinton were stopped by the police for no real reason. During that stop, their car was thoroughly searched, and Little was put into handcuffs. They were accused of smoking marijuana, having a gun and were threatened to be sent to jail. After the search though, the cops found nothing and had to let them go.

A similar case in October of last year, Lonnie Porter live streamed a cop who following him from West Des Moines to the east side of Des Moines to finally pull him due to temporary license plates. Porter commented that the reason for pulling him over was completely bogus. To settle the lawsuit, the City of Des Moines agreed to pay Porter. Porter was paid $25,000 over the unjust reason for the officer pulling him over.

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