NYPD Commander orders “on sight” to shoot 50 Cent

50 Cent woke up to the news that a NYPD commander is under investigation for allegedly telling officers to shoot him “on sight”. Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez allegedly made the threat during roll call. Which officers knew 50 cent was expected to attend a NYPD sanctioned boxing match. In addition, it is said the comment was made in June 2017. Variety confirmed information with police rep. They were also informed the matter is “under internal review”.

“On sight” shoot 50

The New York Daily news, citing an anonymous source with knowledge of the incident. When first reported that Gonzalez, the commanding officer at the 72nd Precinct station, told officers to shoot 50 Cent “on sight”.  The source told the paper Gonzalez tried to pass off the incident as a joke, but it made its way to police headquarters.


The daily News reported that one month before the alleged incident, Gonzalez filed an aggravated harassment complaint against the rapper. Considering that no charges have been filed.

As for the complaint alleged 50 Cent posted a comment on Instagram that referenced a lawsuit against Gonzalez for allegedly shaking down the owner of a hip-hop club. He reportedly wrote “blast this fool” and “f*** this commander.

Woke up to the headline

50 Cent was notified of the investigation Sunday morning due to a news paper headline. No one from the NYPD informed him of the “alleged incident” which could be harmful to his life.  50 went to social media to discuss this matter…

Consult My Legal Team

50 Cent has let it be known on Instagram saying, “I take this threat very seriously,” He is currently consulting with his legal counsel This was all the written on his Instagram, while posting a photo of Emanuel Gonzalez.

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