Death of High School Student rattles neighborhood

Police have arrested a third suspect concerning the shooting death of 17-year-old Donzell Martin. 

The attacker shot Martin at the 1700 block of East 12th Street. He was driven in a private vehicle to Mercy Medical Center, where he eventually died. 

Authorities have arrested Marcus Qushun Brown with first-degree murder in connection to the case. The police captured Brown in Mishawaka, Indiana. Officials brought him to Des Moines where he faced his charges. 

The state is charging Makaveli Deprist Russell, 22, with one count of first-degree robbery and one count of first-degree murder. Police had earlier arrested 28-year-old Javell D Williams. Consequently, the state has already charged Williams with first degree murder.

The attacker shot the high school student in a home. After the shooting, an unidentified person drove the victim to the hospital, according to Des Moines Police. As the shots rang out, neighbors promptly flooded dispatches ready to help. “Donzell was just a caring person, a loving person” says Brad Tukes, a friend of Martin since the sixth grade. “It just hurts, like, a different kind of pain. ‘Cause that’s like, my brother”

Martin’s death even frightened those who didn’t know him. Shanon Yaw, who lives in the neighborhood where the shooting happened says she didn’t hear gunshots that night, but saw a bunch of police cars that night and asked what happened. “I went up to ask the officers what was going on because I have children,” she said.

“We’ve had great witness corporation on this case, and I just think people are just tired of seeing young kids die.” Sargent Paul Parizek said about the investigation. Community members hope that they’ll never see violence in their neighborhood again.

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