Cardi B Deletes Instagram After Rant To Haters

Cardi B deletes Instagram

hCardi B deletes her Instagram after rant to her haters. Sunday night at the Grammy’s Cardi B won “Best Rap Album”. She is the first African-American women to win this award. Cardi won this award for her album “Invasion of Privacy” which as she stated in her Instagram rant, “My album went #1 and spent 21 weeks straight on Billboard Top Ten.  Every song is gold or platinum or higher”.  Cardi B went on an Instagram rant defending herself to haters that felt like she didn’t deserve the award.

Cardi B rant to her haters

Condoning BET

Not only was Cardi’s rant about the negativity she received regarding her Grammy award, she was displeased about BET’s tweet regarding Nicki Minaj.

BET post showed Cardi winning her Grammy with the caption stating, “Meanwhile Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront”

Cardi acknowledged that she does not condone BET putting Nicki down due to her success Sunday night. Since the tweet Nicki has dropped out of the BET Experience festival this summer.

Working Hard for Success

Meanwhile, Cardi’s rant stated that she worked hard to make sure her album was quality. During the time of Cardi’s album she was early in her pregnancy with her now 7 month old daughter Kulture, which made it a race for time. Cardi expresses how doubtful others were with working with her assuming that she was pregnant. She also stated people were telling her how stupid she was having a baby so early in her career.

Now Cardi B has proved to the world that she is not just an overnight success she is here to be taken seriously. And the world is glad she has arrived.

So, you can understand the frustration that Cardi is expressing in her rant. Seems like a reason why Cardi B Deletes her Instagram after the rant to her haters. She worked hard to get to the position that she is in today. Who can say that she doesn’t deserve the award.

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