Bacon Fest 2019

This weekend we attended Blue Ribbon 12th annual Bacon Fest. I must admit this was my first-time attending bacon fest even though every year I tell myself that I must check it out. I love bacon, what is there not to like…

So we went to the fest and really didn’t know what to expect. When we got to Iowa Events Center and noticed all the booths, as we walked along, we seen there were different areas which had their own theme parties.  How cool was that. They had a silent party which the partygoers had on headphones to listen to the music. There was something for everyone.

Bacon Fest 2019

At the lower level of the event there were booths with local venders with samples of bacon treats. There were so many options available. Not only were you able to enjoy great food, there were drinks and music. There are also activities for adults to engage in. All of this while keeping the this year’s theme, “Hello Piggy – East Meats West,” will pay homage to both the Year of the Pig on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar and the pork-filled relationship Iowans have built with the people of Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan since sending them 36 pigs almost 60 years ago.

I would advise if you have not attended Bacon Fest to attend. There is good food, drinks, activities and plenty of entertainment.

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