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I’m starting to think  the artists in Des Moines IA  are scared of mainstream artists. Mainstream artists come to Des Moines all the time, get paid, don’t spend no money in the city, don’t show no love and leave with their money. Artists come here all the time yet none of them have signed a local artist to a record deal nor taken any of the local artist on the  road with them to tour. Why do the artists in Des Moines keep allowing the disrespect?

I believe, none of the artist outside of state respects Des Moines IA city’s Hip-Hop or R&B artists. There is so much talent in this city, great music is being made. A lot of the music made in Des Moines is better then most of the music out on radio! Its time for Des Moines to get on the map with artists getting  record deals! I believe in the music here but, artists have to stop letting out of town artist disrespect them. I hope this changes soon, if not the same stuff will keep going on.

Is the problem that Des Moines artists is scared?

Let me know what you think.

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Drake’s House Burglarized

According to TMZ, rapper Drake’s house was broken into April 3rd by a 24-year-old stating that she had permission to come to Drake’s home however it was confirmed she was not.  The young lady was caught wearing a hoodie that belonged to Drake and she confessed to stealing Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water.  Drake was not home at the time.

There are no signs of forced entry.  The lady will be charged with felony burglary even if it was just some sodas and water…