On-Air: DJ BigFree

I am from Saginaw, MI which is where I fell in love with music at at early age. When I was younger when if I wasn't playing sports I was listening to music. My older sister always had all of the latest hot music, when she was not around I would sneak into her room and listen to them.

I have a love for music because it brings people of all types together, not only does it bring people together it tells a story. Music gives you different feelings and vibes that you can’t get from anything else. That is why I fell in love with music.

I started DJing in 2010, my first event was in Saginaw MI which was a CD release party. I moved to Des Moines in 2011 to get into a bigger market for music. I fell in love with Des Moines and soon started working with club owners, promoters and artist here. I have been DJing ever since. I have been a DJ on Hot Jamz Radio since 2016