“Family Day” at Evelyn Davis Park April 29th

The "Love Are City" Event Saturday, April 29th

Music, food, fun activities for the family. A fun day at Evelyn Davis park for the whole entire family.

Family friendly event "we love our city" it shows that music can bring the city together. Hot Jamz Radio wants to show that the Hip-Hop community can come together peacefully not promoting any negativity or violence. We want to bring a new image to the community showing that we "Love Our City".

Hot Jamz Radio promote positivity to all of the communities in Des Moines, IA.
We are doing this event because we love our city because we love families, no matter race, religion, sex you can come and enjoy a day in the park.

Providing a safe and fun environment where you can enjoy some food and a cold beverage; have a fun time while your kids are running around.