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Yo Gotti – I Still Am (Album Stream) Ft. Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage

I Still Am Tracklist:

1. “Betrayal” 2. “Back Gate”
3. “Brown Bag”
4. “Rake It Up” Feat. Nicki Minaj
5. “Juice”
6. “Different”
7. “Save It for Me” Feat. Chris Brown
8. “2809”
9. “One on One” Feat. YFN Lucci & Meek Mill
10. “Oh Yeah” Feat. French Montana
11. “Yellow Tape” Feat. 21 Savage
12. “Don’t Wanna Go Back”
13. “Around the World”

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6-Year-Old Makes Lemonade and Doughnut Stand to Serve Police Officers

A 6-year-old who loves cops  handed out doughnuts and lemonade to police officers. Brandi Davis of Kansas said her son Oliver, suggested the idea. He wanted to do something nice for the  police. Officers from 10 departments showed up to the stand, at their home. They had  120 doughnuts and  lemonade and water for them. About 100 officers came out. Oliver loves police officers because he sees them as his heroes. He don’t have any policemen in his family. He won’t play with any superhero stuff.  The police officers is his superheroes.


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Ain't no debate whenever they ask who the dopest artist is in the city.. tell em Subjec1ne! If you feel differently speak up I been waiting…

Posted by Quincy King on Sunday, June 18, 2017

I been wondering for a while who was the #1 artist in Des Moines for hip hop and r&b. Is  Subjec1ne the dopest in the city or is it some one doper then him? It seem like  Subjec1ne calling every artist out in the city if you ask me. If you feel you doper then him, he’s been waiting to show you nobody can mess with him with the music.  “If you feel differently speak up I been waiting”.